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Rachel Petheram
Restore & Renew Flower TherapIES
Conecting with nature is a fantastic way to take us away from stress and anxiety, flowers have their own energetic signature which can be used for balancing and restoring our energy and emotions. 
Developing a Greater Sense of Self

We all know that gardens and nature have the power to restore. Taking time to stop and immerse yourself in a beautiful green space is a powerful and effective strategy to maintaining well-being.  To have the space and peace to stop, to breathe, to empty your mind and to just be is a powerful way to restore and renew your soul.  It is amazingly powerful and a beautiful tool to find some mental space and peace. Flowers have their own energetic signature so the individual flowers you choose have meaning – you are drawn to them for a reason.  Finding the space to listen to what they are saying with the help of an intuitive and sensitive facilitator gives scope for creating beautiful personal transformation through connection with flowers and nature.

Come away from the world for a day to a secret garden, safely tucked in the English countryside and restore your weary soul. Find space to breathe amid the scented blooms of abundant flowers.

Flower Therapy Morning One-to-One

Discover a little more about yourself as together we use flowers as therapy in a relaxing, mindful and empowering morning designed to give you space to be and to find a little peace.

We’ll choose a mutally convenient date to suit us both for your flower therapy morning.

A one to one workshop between  10am - 1pm.  All materials are provided.
During the Flower Therapy Morning 
You Will...
  • Gain clarity in your direction
  • Balance and restore your energy and emotions 
  • ​Overcome stress and anxiety
  • ​Harness the healing power of nature to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Embrace the joy of being with you and nature
  • ​Learn what is limiting you in life and how to overcome this
  • ​Understand why you are attracted to certain flowers or colours and what this means for you
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This year Rachel is also offering...

Nature Retreat - 9th June 2022 : 10am - 4:30pm 

Rachel is very excited to be running a nature retreat at the beautiful Purusha Retreats in Lincolnshire. It is tucked away surrounded by woodland and filled with wildflowers. It truly is a beautifully restful and peaceful space. Rachel has exclusive use of the grounds and facilities for the day where you will walk and forage mindfully in nature together to help you reconnect with the natural world and with yourself.

Discover a little more about yourself as together you use flowers as therapy in a relaxing, mindful and empowering workshop designed to use the healing power of nature to allow you to find some peace and space. 

Lunch, refreshments and all materials are provided.  Numbers are capped at 6 people.

Mindfulness Walks : 10am - 1pm 

Walking mindfully in nature is a beautiful way to help us to reconnect with the natural world and with ourselves. Join Rachel for a mindful walk and forage around the beautiful Doddington estate, Lincoln, and give yourself some space to breathe. We will practice some mindfulness techniques and collect materials to make a beautiful piece of natural art.

Dates include: 12th April, 24th May, 21st June and 25th October all 10am - 1pm 
(please see the booking page for availability)

"A Day in my Garden" with Rachel : 10am - 3:30pm

These "Days in my Garden" are a great way to learn and practice the technical skills of gardening in a relaxed informal setting. If you’re a complete novice or already a seasoned gardener you can enjoy having a hand in shaping the beautiful walled garden at Doddington for its year round visitors. Join Rachel for these intimate gatherings of likeminded souls and a very practical day in the garden where you can work along side Rachel and get hands on with the seasonal happenings...explore the Spring, Summer and Autumn days below: 

Spring : Wake up the Garden and Welcome the Spring - with spring there is plenty of seed sowing, propagating, preparing of beds along with friendships to be made, and lovely seasonal lunch to be enjoyed. 
*fully booked*

Summer : Nurture and Reap - harvesting and feeding, mulching and nurturing is our focus for this summer session. Completing all those things needed to support the garden to make it safely and joyfully over the hill to autumn. At this time of year being productive amidst the abundance of the garden is balm for the soul and with friendships to be made, and a lovely summer lunch to be enjoyed it has all the makings of a perfect day. 
Date: 19th July 2022 

Autumn : Begin Again - at this time of year Rachel's focus is on keeping the garden going and growing past the winter. You will take seeds harvested in late summer and sow ready for the next year. Bulbs go in so that colour and life can come back early in true Spring and we harvest what the garden has to offer before Autumn sets in.
Date: 8th September 2022  

Each day includes lunch and light refreshments. You can pick one or all the days. Numbers are limited to 4 spaces.

Forage & Create : 10am - 4pm  

Free your creativity and connect with nature and yourself in this mindful course designed to help you to bring the outside in. Learn how to capture and express what you see in the garden with abundant just gathered garden flowers.

Spend the morning doing a mindfulness walk, encouraging you to to switch off the chatter in your head and allowing you to absorb the surroundings. You will be encouraged to forage as you walk to create a mood board which will form the inspiration for your arrangement.

After lunch together you will create an arrangement which reflects the materials you were drawn to and how you saw the garden and the season in that moment.

You needn’t have any previous floristry experience and you will be guided through your arrangements in a creative and engaging way allowing you to find your floral voice and express yourself freely.

Tea/coffee/lunch included as well as your flowers and vessel.

An intimate workshop for up to 4 people. 
Dates include: 13th April, 28th June and 20th September 2022 (please see the booking page for availability)
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